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How to Write a Position Paper

A position paper is crucial in the context of a MUN conference as it allowes delegates to articulate their stance, present-well-researched arguments, and propose viable solutions.

Step 1: Reading the Background Guide

Begin by thoroughly reading the background guide provided by the conference chairs. This guide offers valuable information on the topic, including historical context, current challenges, and relevant international frameworks. Pay close attention to the scope of the issue and the specific questions or sub-topics to address.

Step 2: Conduct Additional Research

After familiarizing yourself with the background guide, conduct additional research to gather more in-depth knowledge and diverse perspectives on the topic. Utilize credible sources by taking notes and highlighting key points that support your position or shed light on potential solutions. 

Step 3: Taking a Position and Solving the Issue 

Based on your research and analysis, take a clear position on the topic and propose a solution. Consider the interests, values, and priorities of the country you are representing. 

Step 4: Starting Composing the Paper 

Format your paper using Times New Roman font, size 12, double space with a total of two pages. The second page should exclusively include a bibliography written in MLA format with no less than five references. Position papers should be emailed to Committee Chairs by Monday, December 4th at 11:59 pm EST.   

Below is a sample Position Paper that we at CJCPMUNC suggest. 

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