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In preparation for the upcoming CJCP MUN conference, extensive research is imperative to foster informed and productive discussions. The research process entails a comprehensive exploration of the assigned topic, delving into its historical background, key stakeholders, existing policies, and relevant international agreements. In adhering to the conference guidlines, reliance on technology is not permitted, thus necessitating a focus on traditional research methods including the use of a binder. 

Position Paper Guidelines

As part of the conference procedures, each delegation is required to submit a single position paper to their respective chair member via email by 6 PM [insert date]. The position paper serves as a crucial document that outlines the delegate’s stance on the assigned topic, presents key arguments, and proposes potential solutions. To learn more about writing a position paper, please visit our "How to Write a Position Paper" page under the Resources tab. 

Cheating Policy

Any form of plagiarism, cheating, or unethical behavior will lead to immediate expulsion from the conference. Furthermore, depending on the seriousness of the offense, future invitations to the conference may be revoked. It is strictly prohibited to submit prewritten directives, plagiarized position papers, or use electronic devices during committee sessions. We highly value the integrity of our conference, and we rely on advanced systems that can detect AI-generated writing to ensure fair participation. We kindly request your cooperation in upholding these rules and maintaining the integrity of the event.


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