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Parliamentary Procedure

Opening Session: 

  • Chair’s Opening Remarks: The chair welcomes delegates, explains the rules, and sets the tone for the conference. 

  • Roll Call: The chair calls out the names of delegations to establish attendance. 

  • Adoption of the Agenda: Delegats vote to approve the proposed agenda for the conference 

General Speaker’s List:

  • Delegates Request to Speak: Delegates signal their desire to speak by raising placards or using a recognized mechanism 

  • Speaking Time: Each delegate is given a specific time limit, usualley measure in minutes, to express their views

Moderated Caucus: 

  • Delegate Proposes a Moderated Caucus: A delegate can propose a topic of discussion for a total time of # minutes, and a speaker’s time of # seconds/minutes. 

Unmoderated Caucus: 

  • Delegate Proposes an Unmoderated Caucus: delegates will be allowed to move freely around, form alliances, and engage in informal discussions 

Voting Procedure:

  • Chair calls for voting

  • Voting methods: Delegates will cast votes by raising their placards

  • Majority Requirement: depending on the rules, a simple majority or two-thirds majority, may be required for a resolution to pass.

Points and Motion: 

  • Point of Order: A delegate raises a point to address a violation of procedure or rules 

  • Point of Personal Privilege: A delegate raises a point to address issues of personal discomfort or technical difficulties 

  • Motion to Suspend the Meeting: A delegate proposes a temporary halt to the proceedings for specific reasons 

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