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Disarmament and International Security Committee  


With the creation of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) 1945, Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) being the first one formed in 1946 with its headquarters in New York. DISEC has discussed major resolutions to limit out interactions with weapons and their overall goal to disarm the world. DISEC works to build a world where weapons are not going to be needed in the future. The resolutions that pass help with that goal.


Devising a Plan to Ensure Safe Continuity of Maritime Trade

Meet your Chairs!


Suzan Kocak is in her Junior Year of HIgh school and has been a part of Model Un since her freshman year. She has been a part of numerous conferences and has won an award for best position paper for her committees in GA5. Suzan loves to read books and watch TV shows in her bed.

Chair: Suzan Kocak

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Andrea Hugo is a senior at Central Jersey College Prep Charter School. She has participated in Model UN competitions for 3 years and has won the “Country Statement” award at GCI-LAU MUN. Along with Model UN, she’s the vice president and co-founder of CJCP’s AAPI Union, interns at a local Hillsborough clinic, and works with kids as a Junior Kumon Instructor. One fun fact about her is that she’s an artist and loves to draw in her free time! She’s looking forward to working with delegates and if you have any inquiries, you may reach her through email.

Vice-Chair: Andrea Hugo

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