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UNDP stands for the United Nations Development Programme. It is one of the key entities within the United Nations system, established with the primary goal of promoting sustainable development and reducing global poverty and inequality. UNDP works to address a wide range of development challenges, from poverty reduction and gender equality to environmental sustainability and good governance. Its role is important to the broader United Nations system's efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Improving Gender Equality to Promote Economic Development

Meet your Chairs!


Priyaanka Singh is a senior at Central Jersey College Prep Charter School. She has been a part of Middle and High School Model UN competitively for 3 years and was awarded the Country Statement award from LAU GCI MUN in 2023. She will be serving as the UNDP Chair in the upcoming CJCP MUN Conference. Priyaanka is also a competitive dancer and has been dancing for 13 years. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact her!

Chair: Priyaanka Singh


Krisha Patel is currently a 10th grader at CJCP. She has participated in Model UN for the past 4 years and won 2 awards at international conferences. Furthermore, Krisha also loves to play volleyball and paint in her free time.

Vice-Chair: Krisha Patel

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